Accidents: Major/Minor


Accidents. We listen about them, read about them in the paper and sometimes watch them on the TV. What we do  at such moments. We just say a few formal consoling meaningless words; words that are meaningless because we don’t really feel them, also meaningless because the persons we are saying them to too know them in advance and have expected nothing more than that. Or sometimes we don’t say anything at all thinking its a routine now for such things to happen. To sum up our reaction doesn’t depend on the situation of the accident or the suffering of the persons involved but on our own present environment and idiosyncracies.


The same was true with me.  Luckily hadn’t had any major accident (or I escaped unhurt if there was any) except when I fell from my bicycle and fractured my elbow joint. I had to be hospitalized and had to undergo an operation at PGI chandigarh. Two steel nails were used for around 2 months to fix the joint. It was a long time back when I was a kid of around 11-12 years. Actually it was not  an major accident. I had fallen many times earlier and later than that and really hard. It is just the gravity of the damage that makes a accident major or minor (or differentiate between a accident and incident).


Take for instance the tommorrow’s incident or accident. Like most people I would read about, listen to or watch accidents but wondered how they might be feeling. Having lived for so many years without one myself I thought myself to be above any such situation (though I always tried to help anybody in such a situation). It was yesterday  in the morning when it came to my life. I was coming for the office and was waiting for bus or cab (here commercial cabs belonging to some call centres, hotels or other business houses are often used by the drivers to ferry passengers and make some easy bucks) at Lajpat, Delhi. Waited for long but can’t find any. Was getting late. Then spotted a bus that was bound for Noida, where my office is, suddenly I ran towards it. It was already moving. Tried to board it, my foot slipped and I almost fell on my right arm side. In the middle of the road. Got few bruises on my arm. So here it was after so many years. I realized that this can happen to me too at any time and anywhere. I am not totally invincible. Realized my mistake. Put a bold face, got in the bus (by now it has halted) and reached my office. On Time!


So that was it. Now this was a minor accident as the damage was minor. But if we compare two situations, in the Ist one I had fallen from a bicycle and fractured my left arm and in the 2nd one I had fallen from a bus and got a minor scratchs on the right arm. Logically in the 2nd accident I was in a much dangerous situation. It was peak hour and the traffic was enormous. The falling from a bus could have easily wounded me seriously and considering the traffic and other vehicles that were following, any of them could have hurt me really seriously. But I escaped. In the Ist situation there was nothing on the muddy raod in my village to hurt me only if I hadn’t hit my elbow against the hardened mud rock.


So the situation makes a accident major or minor.


Now a few wise words. Do as I did if caught in a similar situation. I reached office, cleaned my wounds with soap and when rached home applied good spirit on them, went to a doctor and got a TT injection. Otherwise you may end up turning the major/minor accident/incident into a tragedy.


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